Thursday, 7 January 2010

Another Hunger Strike At Brook House

We have just received information that there has been another hunger strike amongst the detainees at the Brook House detention centre at Gatwick Airport. The hunger strike, due to last three days, started on Monday and we are told that at least 100 people on one of the immigration prison's wings were refusing food on Tuesday with many prisoners on other wings following suit.

In December we reprinted a Corporate Watch article highlighting the deterioration in conditions there and this hunger strike is as a direct result of situation. The detention centre has also been the site of a number of previous hunger strikes since it opened last March (in fact the opening sparked a hunger strike in nearby Tinsley House when it caused disruption to their food services) and unrest, as well as topping the self harm in detention figures.

Below is a copy of an announcement passed amongst the detainees at the weekend:

Reminder to al detainees in all wings

As you know the hunger strike is starting tomorrow Monday the 04/01/2010. Some detainees may take it as a joke but believe me is more serious than that. Think about your family; your son your daughter your mum and how she is coping. If you want to change your circumstances, don't expect the UKBA to come and open the door and let you go. Think about the history, and how famous people like Martin Luther King changed American history, by striking and talking about his problems. If you want to be free you have to sacrifice a little bit and a one or two days hungry is not to kill you of hunger but of course can make them think again about how long they can detain us. Please if you are not willing in taking part in this strike feel free to do so. Change is coming soon just do as the majority will do and make your voice heard. Take part in this strike and feel positive about the outcome.

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