Tuesday, 26 January 2010

How Stupid Can You Get?

Here's a Sun headline from today: 'Illegals get boot... VIP style'. And we are forced to ask the Sun "How Stupid Can You Get?"

"Illegals immigrants (sic) are getting the VIP treatment when booted out of Britain - with personal security escorts costing almost £500 each," the article by Tom Wells claims. "Shock figures obtained by The Sun show the Government spent £10.43 million to "forcibly" remove 21,360 illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers (sic) in 2008. That works out at £488 per person - about the same as the daily rate for VIP protection by a professional bodyguard."

If you think being locked up in an immigration prison for weeks, if not months, on end, with little idea of when or if you are going to be deported or grudgingly given temporary leave to remain in the country. Maybe you have family here and you do not know what has happened to them either. Maybe you were a victim of torture or rape in the country you came from or maybe members of your family were killed, forcing you to flee for your life. You live in limbo until the day the 2 goons in uniform come to your do and you are forcibly chained between them and dragged off to a waiting coach. Or maybe you were given the courtesy of a removal notice but you still weren't told exactly what day the inevitable would happen. Now you don't have any idea where you are going, you haven't been able to say goodbye to the friends you've made here or possibly eve grab the few meagre possessions you leave. If you resist, you are brutalised and abused, if you don't resist you might still end up brutalised and abused. If you are luck you are not stuck chained between two overtly racist thugs for the entire duration of the flight, but don't hold your breath. If you think any of that is getting VIP treatment, then you are in serious need of psychiatric help.

Phil Woolas is quoted in the article as saying: "Using trained escorts is crucial if we are going to remove foreign criminals or disruptive individuals. Without them we would not have removed thousands of lawbreakers last year." Except that you don't have to be a 'disruptive individual' to end up shackled between two boneheads, it appears to be standard policy for anyone not acquiescing in the abrogation of their human right to live where they please. And the only reason they are now 'lawbreakers' is because Nu Labour like every government since the 1900's* has bowed to racist agitation and brought in successively more restrictive immigration policies.

Where the article does get it right however is pointing up the ludicrous amounts of money that goes to the outsourcing firms like G4S and Serco, companies that have made billions from the misery of others since they became involved in the immigration detention industry, running this country's immigration detention infrastructure.

* There were no immigration controls in the UK until the introduction of the 1905 Aliens Act, passed as a direct result of proto-fascist agitation from the British Brothers League, who claimed that they didn't want the UK to become "the dumping ground for the scum of Europe". Sounds just like something out of a BNP leaflet or a Sun article.

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