Saturday, 30 January 2010

Daily Express - Better Never Than Late

Today saw the Express catching up with yesterday's old news, and repeating the same errors as in the Mail and Telegraph, but adding their own brand of outrage. "French authorities were last night accused of shamelessly washing their hands of the battle to prevent illegal immigration to Britain" we 'learnt' under the banner 'England Is Where We All Want To End Up...'*

"The row flared as a new base camp was opened yesterday in Calais to help migrants illegally enter Britain. Ironically, it is in the town’s Place d’Angleterre – England Square." Err, no it's not (see yesterday).

"Last night Tories slammed the camp and the massive influx into Britain as “an example of Gordon Brown’s lax immigration policy”." Two birds with one stone there. Needless to say one of the two Tories 'slamming' the 'camp' was Damien Green. The other was Philip Davies, MP for Shipley, West Yorks (who?), who is quoted as saying: “One of the main reasons they come is because they know once inside Britain their chances of being kicked out are nil.” Just as the 68,000 people who were deported or 'departed voluntarily' (i.e. left before they could be deported) in 2008 if the "chances of being kicked out are nil".

The article then went on to commit exactly the same errors as the other 2 articles (local charities, being dubbed Sangatte II, etc.) except they embroidered on the previous untruths by saying: "The facility will provide FOOD, shelter and asylum-claim advice...", where did they get that one from?

We're afraid we have to agree with Andrew Green, sole member of MigrantBotch, on this one: “This is getting increasingly ridiculous." It cetainly is but he obviously couldn't resist offering a quote when the Express rang him up (I bet he's definitely on speed-dial).

The bottom line is that there is currently (if you'll excuse the pun) no electricity or water in the building and nobody will so much as moved a blanket into the building until Monday!

* Note the nonsensical caption "Immigrants hanging around an old building in Calais" stuck onto a photo of migrants waiting in a queue for food in Calais.

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