Thursday, 7 January 2010

Further Observations On The 'Myth Of The 70 Million'

In yesterday's piece 'The Myth Of The 70 Million' there were a couple of issues raised that we would like to go back and examine more fully: the use of the treat of rioting in the streets if immigration is not curbed and the 'I'm all right Jack' attitude espoused in the 'declaration'.

It struck us as very strange having an ex-archbishop using the spectre of 'social unrest' to try and push the major parties into pledging to curb immigration if they come to form the next government. Since when has a British government changed its policy because of the threat of potential riots? After riots have occurred possibly, and only then when they have been particularly widespread and threaten their grip on power, but never before a petrol bomb has even been thrown. After all, what is all that expensive equipment and training that they have spend tax payers' hard earned cash on for if not for cracking a few skulls and showing that the powers that be are not to be trifled with? Gives the TSG something to do other than killing the odd passing newspaper vendor.

So, what about the stupefyingly un-christian 'I'm all right Jack' viewpoint being peddled by the ex-bish and his neo-Mathusian cronies? What about this precious standard of living that they want to protect at all costs, even if some of those are other people's lives?

The wealth of the rich West/North, and in particular this country, has been built on the wealth plundered from the poor East/South. This stretches back to the days of Empire and to the slave trade, where it was much easier to transport human resources around the globe than it was food and mineral ones. Then, whole continents were annexed in the name of progress and this theft on a mass scale has continued to the present day. The mechanisms may have changed but the outcome is still the same.

So today, instead of large colonial armies raping and pillaging across the globe, we have the IMF, the World Bank and multinational companies forcing countries into deals they can ill afford not to go along with. Whole countries are dug up to provide the mineral resources that the constantly expanding economies of the developed world need.* To feed the desire for carnations or blueberries or mange-tout or cheap tea and coffee, whole economies move their agriculture to monocultures, providing these air-freighted supermarket-provided non-essentials all year round. As a result, once self-sufficient economies become dependent on imported food stuffs, which they have to borrow credits from the IMF and the World Bank to provide, thereby increasing their structural debt year on year and leaving them even more vulnerable to hostile takeovers of their natural resources by western multinationals brokered by, yes you've guessed it, the IMF and the World Bank.

Then there is the modern version of the slave trade - managed migration. If you have a skill we need and it cannot be provided by your own work force cheaply enough, so that the companies can make their profits in order to pay their share holders sufficiently large enough dividends to keep their directors in clover, then why not temporarily import them? It may not be as profitable as when they could just be kidnapped en-masse but it still generates a good profit. On this point it is interesting that the only political party in the UK that has anything to say on the drain of Third World skills to the UK is the BNP, and they are merely using it as another justification for their own patently racist agenda.

Oh, and we haven't mentioned the arms trade, which is a major factor in driving the mass movements of people, both within and across borders. The wars that that trade feeds across the globe are the major engine of migration to the UK and almost all other countries around the world. The simple fact is that most so-called 'economic migrants' are also fleeing war, as well as poverty. And the war of attrition fought for the undeveloped world's resources is also an engine driving such 'economic migration', and is also a major factor driving global climate change, which will also increasingly become an engine driving mass migration to the North and West. Yet this is the very system that the 'I'm all right Jack' crew want to protect, so they can keep their heads buried in the sand and pass on the smoking ruins (that have also probably been submerged under the rising oceans) on to future generation.

The simple fact is that the wealth they want to protect has been (and continues to be) stolen from the very people they want to keep out of the country. And by seeking to perpetuate their ostrich-like stance, plundering the rest of the world's resources in a desperate attempt to continue to have ever more trinkets to hide away in you safety deposit boxes or the wall-safes in their mock-Tudor gated community homes or the second home in the Dordogne/Corfu/Tuscany and to finance yet another flight to some picturesque third World ruin, they continue to heap injustice on centuries of the stuff.

Forget civilisation, democracy and christianity as the West's gifts to the rest of the world, our true gift and the thing that sums up our legacy best, is injustice.

* Just look at what is happening to Inner Mongolia under the West's drive to build its way out of global warming with ever more wind farms.

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