Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Shame-Faced Lie About Immigration

pace 'The two-faced truth about immigration'.

As part on the New Year's onslaught by the yellow press against immigration, in this case the Labour government's immigration policy and practice, in its Sunday edition the Mail, the self-styled 'Last Bulwark Against The Tide Of Filth That Is Threatening To Engulf Civilisation'™, published an opinion piece laying out some of its twisted take said immigration policy.

Claiming that Labour has two immigration policies, the public one - "supposedly tough restrictions, raids on employers of illegal workers, expulsions of those with no right to stay here" - (which it doesn't actually come out and claim is a lies) and the 'real' one - mass immigration as social engineering, courtesy of Andrew Neather, former speech writer for Tony Blair and adviser to Jack Straw and currently working for the Evening Standard ('nuff siad).

So far, so very Daily Mail.

Then we get a very revealing statement: "This is accompanied by a widespread belief among the new elite that immigration – which provides them with cheap childcare and a great variety of restaurants – is an unmixed blessing." So now we know where the Mail is really coming from - lost privilege and power. And not just for those "others" that "see a different aspect", such as "familiar neighbourhoods changed out of all recognition". Ah nostalgia for a lost time when those that run the Daily Mail believed their view of the world was THE view, pre-decimalisation, even pre-war (WWII), before the Black Shirt went out of 'fashion' and when Herr Hitler was doing 'wonders for unemployment' in Germany.

Oh, and definitely pre-EU: "Thanks to our membership of the European Union, it can in any case only control migration from outside the EU." More Mail-ite fantasy. The reality is that the UK has more opt-outs that the U.S. Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service, and they include the Schengen Agreement, large chunks of the ECHR and European Immigration law, including the recent Lisbon Treaty.

Let's face it, the Mail exists in a fantasy world where Queen Victoria is still on the throne aged 180 and men run around with red flags in front of cars that travel at 2 mph in built-up areas. Where there was still a British Empire and where shooting 'fuzzy-wuzzies' was still considered a sport.

"What is needed is for the elite [there we go again] to acknowledge openly that the existing policy is wrong and damaging to our society and that opposition to mass immigration is reasonable and civilised [or any form of racism come to think of it]."

"Then it can devise rules that have real force behind them, and ensure that in future those rules will be efficiently and energetically enforced." Sounds exactly like the sort of thing coming out of the pages of the Mail in the 30's when it was singing the praises of the new 'German social experiment'!

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