Saturday, 13 June 2009

Unrest at Brook House IRC

A disturbance broke out last night just after 10:30pm at Brook House detention centre at Gatwick Airport. Up to 30 detainees were believed to be involved in setting a fire in an exercise area and causing other minor damaged. The cause of their grievances is not known at present. Police and Fire crews were in attendance and it is believed Prison service 'Tornado' teams were also involved in restoring order. A second fire is also believed to have been started when one of the detainees setting fire to his bedding this (Saturday) afternoon.

Brook House is a purpose-built Category B Prison Service standard building designed to hold up to 426 male detainees prior to their deportation. It is run by G4S, who also manage HMP Parc (and a further 3 IRCs and £ prisons under the guise of its subsidiary GSL) and was opened in March this year as part of a planned large-scale extension to the detention estate over the next couple of years.

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