Monday, 1 February 2010

HMP Morton Hall To Become IRC?

Following the news that the planned expansion of Yarl's Wood detention centre, designed to more than double its size, have been postponed for a year due to budgetary concerns, come the news that HMP Morton Hall, a 392 bed women's open prison near Swinderby in Lincolnshire, could be turned into an immigration detention centre as a short-term stopgap.

Given the government's current financial constraints, this is an obvious option, especially as they have also announced plans to try and reduce the number of women, both north and south of the border. The Tories are also looking at the conversion of Category D open prisons into higher security closed prisons as a cheap replacement for the planned provision of new prison places originally slated to be financed via the sale of 30 Victorian inner city prisons.

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