Friday, 25 April 2008

UK No Borders Network Newsletter 4 Out

The fourth newsletter of the UK No Borders network is out now and should be available for download soon from here.

Migrant Criminals A Myth

According to a report submitted by two chief constables to the home secretary, there is no evidence to indicate that the recent expansion of the EU and consequent immigration of Eastern Europeans has lead to any sort of increase in crime. The report points to an increase in tensions in communities that have received new migrants as the cause of the myth of immigrant criminals but has found no evidence to actually support it.
The full story can be found here.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Harmondsworth Prisoners Organise

116 Harmondsworth prisoners have signed a petition calling out the Home Office for (from the petition):

1. Turning a blind eye to overwhelming evidence that purports to strenghten our cases.
2.Not allowing sufficient time in preparation of our cases; with a view of making us frustrated and succumbing to removal/ deportation.
3.Maliciously misrepresenting and miscopying the facts of our cases, for the purpose of making it easy for the Judges to arrive at sinister and unjustifiable decisions.
4.Providing us with legal representatives who are more interested in soliciting our deportations, than foiling them.

Riot police entered the detention centre and appear to be dispersing prisoners to other Immigration Removal Prisons to break the organisation. Other details are sparse.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Oakington IRC Detainees On Hunger Strike

Detainees in Oakington Immigration Removal Prison began a hunger strike on the 28th of March to protest against the poor food and conditions inside. People's asylum claims are also apparently being overlooked if they don't speak English and consequently have no idea what their status is. The full story can be found on the BBC website.