Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tony Baldrick MP

'It's amazing what you find in the press' Part 52:

From the pages of the Oxford Mail we have just learnt that children are no longer detained in immigration prisons in the UK: "a shift in [government] policy meant children were no longer detained in removal centres." This is the paper quoting local MP Tony Baldry about his request to the current government to clarify their plans vis a vis the planned 800-bed Bicester detention centre, and making as much sense as his Blackadder (near) namesake.

But then again, it might just be the Oxford Mail's cub reporter Sam McGregor not knowing what he's talking about, as in the same article he also came up with the bizarre appellation "an open door asylum centre" in reference to Labours previous plans for the ex-MOD site. What on earth is an 'open door asylum centre'? Maybe he actually believes that Nu Labour did really have a measure entitled the 'Open Door Immigration Policy'? Definitely a case off 'repeat the lie often enough and people will believe it'.

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