Monday, 14 June 2010

Refugees Welcome Here (In The Pages Of The Mail!)

Ironic-use-of-a-quote of the week award:

Peter Yoak, a refugee from war-torn Sudan, who now lives in Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: 'I find that most British people I meet are welcoming, friendly and polite. Of course you find a couple who are not like that, but that is the same everywhere. As a nation though, I think Brits are tolerant and kind."

Found in the Daily Mail, that well-known friend of asylum seekers, refugees and foreigners in general - and lifted almost verbatim in classic 'churnalistic' fashion from the Press Association copy. Except they put a helpful/patronising [delete as applicable] explanation of what Refugee Week is for all its readers, who are normally only interested in ranting about refugees in the paper's comments message boards: "a nationwide programme of events to bring Britons and refugees closer, through a Simple Acts Campaign, using everyday actions such as watching a film about exile or having a cup of tea and a chat with an asylum seeker." And thereby displaying their own ignorance as Refugee Week has been going since 1998 and the Simple Acts Campaign is just the latest manifestation of it.

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