Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Iraqi Mothers Of Oxford, Leeds & London Statement Sgainst Deportation Of Iraqi Youth

On behalf of a group of concerned Iraqi mothers of Oxford, Leeds and London we are issuing this statement in opposition of the deportation of Iraqi youths on Wednesday 16th of June.

We believe that the devastation in Iraq is unbearable for any living person. As the news illustrates, the bombing has not subsided, there is no peace, proper public health services and not even electricity or water.

These youths have been living here for at least 2 years and have been studying English to adapt to the way of life here in Britain. It is also important to consider that most of them are not on benefits.

Last week, a group of about 40 Iraqis were sent back to Iraq- their families are now worried as they have not received them. They have been held in an Iraqi prison as they have no documents to prove that they are Iraqi people.

We feel that this is against the rights of humanity. We strongly think that they have the right to stay here in Britain

“They are sending me to my death. There is nothing there for me- I’ve lost all my family due to the conflict there.” says one Iraqi youth, currently held Gatwick Deportation Centre.

"These youths have escaped the massacre of Iraq to live a proper life- they have every reason to stay in Britain. With the situation in Iraq as it is, even a person's most basic needs cannot be met," states an Iraqi citizen.

Please stop their deportation to Iraq to prevent further blood shed.

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