Wednesday, 8 September 2010


the latest stories that you might have missed (an on-going service designed to cover up the fact that we have either been too busy or too lazy to cover certain news):

Immigration scare tactics. Get Bruce Willis! - Five Chinese Crackers' latest comment on the usual thinly disguised racist Tabloid coverage of another batch of population statistics. In particular, we like very much the rubbishing of yet more MigrationBotch disinformation and down-right lies.

Defying Borders at a De-Facto Refugee Camp in France - coverage of No Borders activity in calais by an independent journalist.

Why Becoming a Legal Immigrant Is Next to Impossible - an American view of why asylum has become a dirty word through the progressive (sic) criminalisation of almost all forms of migration (except of course the few routes that make the host country materially better off - imperialism still holds sway).

UN Report: US abuse of Native Americans and migrants - an article on the publication of the Universal Periodic Review Joint Report y the U.S. Human Rights Network. A must for anyone still labouring under the delusion that the U.S. is still the home of the brave and the land of the free.

Is France lying about Roma crime rates?
- an English language story from the Tehran Times based on a Rue89 article outlining well-known post-fascist French Interior Minister Hortefeux's rather less than truthful use of statistics to help justify the on-going Gallic persecution of Roma.

Immigration to Europe: how many foreign citizens live in each country? - just what it says. 43.5% of the population of Luxembourg are foreign citizens; 21.7% of anti-minarets and veils Switzerland; 10.3% of Jörg Haider's Austria; and 6.6% of David Cameron and (not) Nick Giffen's UK - almost exactly the same as the EU27 average of 6.4%.
From the Guardian, all the statistics needed to help you counteract the next idiot that starts quoting dodgy Daily Mail or MigrationBotch statistics at you.

Speaking of which...

Are foreign students good or bad for Britain? - from Mark Easton's BBC blog. Can the incredibly arrogant commentator nautonier on this piece be none other than Mr MigrationBotch Andrew Green himself? "Yes ... I also know that many British people work/study overseas ... I have worked extensively overseas myself and do not need a lecture from anyone about British people working overseas..." "Do you really know better than the House of Lords, Mr Easton?" See what you think?

Sri Lankan Tamil refugees spark racism row in Canada - the true face of a Conservative PM?

Agency 'Manipulating' Asylum Figures - Sky News breaking a story criticising the UK Border Agency's manipulation of figures to show that rather than 60% of new cases dealt with within 6 months, the figure is actually only 4%? Whatever next?

Anti-immigration hysteria tied to the private prison industry - absolutely no surprise here. After all, the private prison industry has to expand even in these financially troubled times, so where better than into running immigration prisons. And if that means stirring up racist sentiments, then so be it.

Anti-Anti Immigration: Principles to Make Migration Work - a sort of companion piece to 'Why Becoming a Legal Immigrant Is Next to Impossible' written by the Co-Directors of Immigration Studies at NYU.

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