Thursday, 9 September 2010

EU: Stop Deporting Roma

The European Parliament has just passed a motion 337 to 245, with 51 abstentions, calling on France to suspend the expulsion of Roma at the same time as 2 French ministers are in Romania to try and negotiate an emergency plan with the Bucharest government to help get France out of the corner its patently racist policy has gotten it into.

Amusingly, the Romanian President Traian Basescu warned the French ministers that: "If they come to lecture us, it (the visit) will not be productive... France is not handling this like a European state." Less amusing was his totally disingenuous claim that "The greatest responsibility lies with the Roma themselves though. In a civilised Europe, everyone is responsible for their own fate. No one is stopping them from sending their children to school and not begging."


Video: Inside Story - The fate of the Roma in Europe [an Al Jazeera report]

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