Friday, 20 August 2010


recent articles we have come across that you might have missed.

Why MigrationWatch are wrong: a plea for a more robust debate on immigration - a excellent demolition in the New Statesman of MigrationBotch's latest scare story on immigration, showing up the way this glorified micro-pressure group abuses statistics. It may be well-funded and punch above its weight because it panders to the right-whinge prejudices of the likes of the Daily Flail and Excress but it just doesn't seem to understand the science of statistical analysis, or much else.

A rising global tide of xenophobia - self-explanatory comment in The Independent linking the expulsion of Roma in France to the Australian election and beyond.

Our national disgrace: The detainees wrongly held in UK 'prisons' - an expose by The Voice about the people who languish in immigration detention

Forgotten children - an alternative take on the children of migrants who, despite being born in Israel, are still being disenfranchised and forcibly deported.

La Raza: Deporting 12 Million Illegal Aliens ‘Not a Realistic Solution’ and U.S. Should Stop Trying
- a self-explanatory piece on a report entitled 'The Impact Of Section 287(G) Of The Immigration And Nationality Act On The Latino Community' published by the National Council of La Raza last week.

Deported for Running a Red Light - Arizona is not the only U.S. State where racial profiling is leading to people being deported for minor infringements of the law.

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