Tuesday, 10 August 2010

More On Tabloid Racism

We've grown rather bored with pointing up the incredibly obvious nature of the racism of stories in the Daily Flail and Daily Excrescence (even if they chose to try and defend themselves against the 'sanctimonious' amongst us that have the audacity to point out this racism and label it as being exactly what it is). However, we are more than happy to point out other sites that take the time to analyse the papers' latest ventures into outrage.

Check out the Enemies of Reason and Five Chinese Crackers takes on the Flail's article on the supposedly astounding revelations that 'New figures reveal barely half of new mothers in parts of suburban England are of white British origin' (the page title of the on-line version). Nothing particularly new or startling in this - it is standard Flail fair, trawled up racially profiled titbits presented with its standard anti-immigration bias that panders to the prejudices of its readership and keeps its sales figures so high. What is interesting however, is exactly how this type of reporting is subtly (and not so subtly) twisted (sub-edited) to make it fit that agenda more, whilst at the same time providing ammunition for those, unlike the Flail editorial staff, who are proudly and openly racist.

The Daily Excress story 'Police fear being called racist so illlegal immigrants stroll free'* in contrast, is one of those that we routinely pass over as it is so obviously stupid that it doesn't require commenting on but it wasn't until we read the Tabloid Watch piece on it that we realised just how outstandingly twisted and stupid it really was.

* Yes, that is how it is spelled on the website.

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