Wednesday, 11 August 2010

'Illegal immigrant' Stole My Roundabout

Following in the grand 'tradition' of tabloid nonsense* [see: 'Illegal Immigrant' Stole My Shed (Again), In Every Back Garden A Heartache, Scraping The Bottom Of The Racist Barrel & Nauseating In The Extreme for example] comes a tabloid tale of more dastardly (and dirty) foreigners doing things to outrage the average tabloid editor's sensibilities (yes, we are reliably told that tabloid editors do have something that passes for sensibilities in not-so-polite company).

This barely concealed piece of racist scaremongering appears in various versions: as 'Unemployed migrants set up makeshift camp on busy roundabout' in the Daily Flail (probably the 'original' version, subsequently copied by all the rest), as 'Britain's migrant squatter shambles' in the Daily Excress, 'Homeless migrants set up camp in roundabouts' is how the Daily Scar sees it and the slightly more grammatically correctly as 'Peterborough 'under siege' by migrant camps, locals claim' in the Daily Torylaugh.

* Yes, we know we stated yesterday that we were well and truly bored by all this but... needs must.

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