Monday, 24 May 2010

Sehar & Wania Deported

On Saturday evening Sehar Shebaz and her year-old daughter Wania were deported back to Pakistan. This happened despite a last minute plea to grant them compassionate leave to remain made to the immigration minister Damien Green by Ann McKechin MP, backed up by copies of police reports, letters of support from Blackburn Women's Aid supporting her claims of domestic violence and information about her forced transfer to new accommodation after her husband had found her at her address in Glasgow.

Having been transferred from Dungavel to Yarl's Wood, Sehar and Wania were isolated from the other families prior to her removal and she went on hunger strike in response, joining the 5 families (of the 12 families that had written to Nick Clegg) already on hunger strike there. She was eventually removed at the weekend on Pakistani Airlines flight PK758, back to the imminent threat of being maimed or killed in a so-called 'honour' attack.

We just wonder, now that Damien Green has gotten his hands on the reins of power in the immigration department and he has been able to make his first decision to deport someone back to what is obviously a potentially life-threatening situation, did it feel as good wielding such power as he imagined it would do?

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