Friday, 14 May 2010

Reflections On The Media, Immigration & The Election

We heartily recommend an article by John Grayson of the South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group on the Institute of Race Relations website entitled 'Reflections on the media, immigration and the election'. It contains an excellent analysis of the increasing adoption by the 'political classes' of a "general 'common sense' racist political culture driven by media images and messages" during the election.

It is also timely as the big danger facing Nu Labour as it reinvents itself (Forced Labour or maybe Induced Labour anyone?) is that it embraces this thinly disguised racism, adopting it wholesale as new party policy in order to win back disaffected 'white working class' voters, rather than actually challenging the ignorant and ill-informed assumptions that this thinly disguised racism is based upon.

And more sensible comment on this subject can also be found at the Angry Mob blog - 'Immigration and 'Social Cohesion''.

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Steven said...

This one is indeed very important, especially in Australia's case. With the elections to be held here this year, immigration has become one of the hot topics. And many politicians are now starting to give their insights into the matter.