Saturday, 17 April 2010

UKBA Take Their Oakington Revenge

As part of the Home Office's typical response to any detainee who decided to challenge the way they are being treated, 60 people who took part in Thursday's protests at Oakington were labelled as 'ringleaders' and forcibly removed to other detention centres on Friday night. It is to be assumed that many will end up in the more high security conditions of Brook House and Colnbrook and pushed up the deportations waiting list as part of their punishment for daring to protest at the inhumane condition in UK detention prisons.

Ringleader - OED definition: (noun) A person who initiates or leads an illicit or illegal activity.

So a third of the estimated 180 people who took part in Thursday's protests were considered to be 'ringleaders' by the UKBA! Obviously an interesting new use of the word that we have not come across before.

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