Friday, 9 April 2010


Only another 28 days to go before we can have a bit of a respite from the tidal wave of reactionary anti-immigration bile flowing forth from the Tory press? Unless of course the Tories get in. And then we can expect that the Mail, Express and their ilk will seek to hold Cameron to his promise to bring immigration (and no doubt a whole host of other 'liberties') down to the levels seen during the 'golden era' of Thatcher in the early '90s by maintaining that tidal wave of reactionary anti-immigration bile. Not that four more years of Nu Labour would be much better, but at least the incentive for some many non-story-immigration-stories would be lower. Unless of course they are all in fact secretly trying to incite a BNP-led coup as some of their coverage would lead one to conclude, despite the half-hearted denunciations of Griffin that they occasionally bury at the bottom of the odd xenophobically charged story.

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