Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Going back to the '98% of all jobs created under Nu Labour went to bloody foreigners' non-story, we have tried rehashing the statistics and have come up with a different story:

'More than half of all new jobs go to indigenous population'* In a shock turn of events, it has been discovered that around 1.38 million or 50.3 percent of the new jobs created since 1997 have been taken by British nationals. During the same period the number of UK born nationals employed in the country has risen by 791,000 to 25.26 million. This has meant that the employment rate for British nationals has remained steady through out that period, at 73.5 percent. So, despite the fluctuation in the number of jobs available due to massive de-industrialisation, firms closing or moving their businesses abroad and job losses due to the global downturn. Or the changes in the population due to births and deaths, and to people entering and leaving the country, nothing much has really changed.

Some of you may have noticed another fabricated non-story in the yellow press, this one retreading the myth of non-English speakers outnumbering children with English as their first language in schools across the country. We have dealt with this before but just in case you haven't come across the arguments, check out Five Chinese Crackers for a dissection of the Mail, Express and Telegraph's racist delusions.

* We apologise profusely for the use of that vomit-inducing term and for the use of terms containing the word 'nation'.

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