Thursday, 24 December 2009

No Compassion At The Inn

Whilst the Anglican Church in the guise of the Archbishop of York criticises cutting back of benefits to migrants to a mere £5 a day*, that other well-known christian Andrew Green, of MigrationBotch, claims that "the Archbishop is surely right to call for compassion and there may be areas where this is needed, but the queues of asylum-seekers at Calais suggest that we are already regarded as a favoured destination.” Is it just us or does this make no sense what so ever? Mean spirited and small minded to boot!

* The same sum he received when he arrived as an asylum seeker from Uganda in 1974. This money (£35 per week, cut back from an already paltry £42.16) is in the form of a weekly sum debited to an e-card that can only be used in certain shops and whose money must be used within the same calendar week or be lost, thus saving even more money.

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