Monday, 7 December 2009

No Christmas At Yarl's Wood This Year?

The police were called by Serco staff at Yarl's Wood detention centre on Friday to deal with a rather dodgy looking character dressed in red and white carrying a load of gifts for the children imprisoned there. It seems that St. Nick, the patron saint of children and the imprisoned, was not welcome there despite the church group-arranged visit being approved by the Home Office and Yarl's Wood staff.

Saint Nick was met at the gates by a group of unidentified security guards who barred his entry and ordered him to leave the area. They also snaffled the £300 worth of presents and refused to provide a receipt or even give their names or any other form of identification. Then, when Nick returned later that afternoon to make a pre-arranged and approved social visit to two families currently detained there, he was informed at the gates that their visit had been cancelled. He was then handed a letter from Dawn Elaine, the Contracts Manager at Yarl’s Wood, informing him that permission had been revoked because of “concerns about your conduct” when the gifts had been deposited that morning. Maybe he should stick to tradition and just sneak in via the chimney next time?

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