Sunday, 27 December 2009

Arson In Calais

It's been a little while since we heard for our reactionary 'friend' Peter Allen, scion of the yellow press. In fact not since his fantasy about 'Sangate II' the other week. And here he is posting another piece of hypebole about the "new Sangatte-style welcome centre"*, news that "arsonists" have "set fire to prefabricated units which were due to house showers at the controversial structure close to the town's ferry port." He cites his usual 'Calais police spokesman' as claiming, "Our fear is that local people opposed to the setting up of the new centre may be responsible." Either that or some British journalist trying to 'make a story'.

Fortunately our sources tell us that only one of the 2 prefabs, each with 2 shower units and 2 toilets, was damaged. Interestingly, the structure had been guarded by a professional night-watch service up until 22 December, when the mayor apparently cancelled it as Secours Catholique were due to take possession of the prefabs. And as Secours Catholique are involved in the running of the cold weather shelter at the BCMO, they had too few people to keep a full-time night guard on them.

* He again claims that the facility was "immediately described as "Sangatte II" - yes, but only by him.

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