Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Second Statement From The Harmondsworth Hunger Strikers

Below is the second statement released by the detainees in Harmondsworth who have been on hunger strike since 2 March:

1) The courts used at the detention centres are a mockery of the justice system, they are staged. It seems the outcomes are decided before the actual court appearance.

2) The Home Office appear to have put in place their own officials (solicitors, judges), both in the AIT courts and the High Court, to raise a high standard of failures in people's applications to boost their statistics.

3) There are people who have spent 5, 8 or 10 years working hard in this country, who have never been involved in any criminal activities, please like religious leaders and many more, who are valuable to this country.

4) The immigration system in this country is a cold war that has separated familes and their loved ones, and has caused mental, physical and emotional torture to both detainees and their families.

5) Many people are in poor medical conditions to be kept in detention, some of whom have even been removed to their countries, yet their conditions can only be managed in the UK.

6) We are aiming for a fact finding mission, we recommend they send an independent body to come and audit, and interview detainees and also re-examine their cases.

7) People are being denied their bail rights even though they meet all the requirements needed. Detainees' sureties are not allowed in court after travelling from far distances to support bail applications.

8) The general treatment of detainees is very appalling e.g. medical treatment, security control etc. We wonder if such treatment as we are undergoing is an order from above.

In summary, considering the reputation of Great Britain, we fear this will jeopardize the good work of the great men and women of this country and the efforts of their forefathers.

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