Friday, 26 March 2010

Inane Xenophobic Comment Piece Of The Week/Month/Year/Decade/Century*

(*Take your pick.)

From today's Daily Star:

"Foreigners To Flood UK

Britain is facing a fresh flood of immigrants unless ministers act now.

Influential think tank MigrationWatch** reckons we’ll be swamped by millions more foreigners in the coming years.

Numbers are set to soar, according to world population trends. (!?)

By 2050 an extra 17million people will be living here.

It will push our already overstretched public services to breaking point.

We cannot allow these huge numbers of immigrants to continue to swan in unchecked.

Our health, housing and council services are struggling to deal with those already here.

And with a fresh wave facing us from the developing world, they could collapse altogether.

It’s time for the government to cut the numbers coming in.

It’s time to close our borders.

** Must be some special use of the word'influential' that we have never come across before

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