Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Empress' New Clothes In Reverse

Back in 1997, Nu Labour snuck into Maggie's backyard and knicked some old clothes off the Tory washing line, so desperate were they to doll themselves up in her garb, in order to get themselves elected, only stopping just short of the blue rinse.

Now they have clearly seen that the writing is once again on the wall: Thou shalt not get elected this time round! So forewarned they delved into their old dressing up box and tried on their old washed out red rags, so faded now that they hardly look even pink, in order to try and look the part when they try to mimic a bit of the class struggle politics ... but it tastes like ashes in their mouths.

What to do? We're all going to loose out on the gravy train.

Now, so desperate are they that they will try anything, even donning the shop-soiled and distinctly seedy garb of the BNP just to knee their grubby little hands on the reigns of power.

But then again, why should we be so surprised. After all, it is only the Telegraph and Mail that think they have not been brutal enough with all those asylum seekers and foreign students - nobody really believes that "open door immigration policy" rhetoric, just ask anyone banged up in Colnbrook or Yarl's Wood.

So what exactly does she say in her article in the Mail!? Yes, the Mail that renowned friend to the Labour Party.

"I think we need to be radical in our thinking and look at drawing up a point system based on length of residence, citizenship or national insurance contributions which ensures that economic migrants can only access social housing and key benefits when they have paid into the system."

So it's the amount one has paid into the system, the length of time one has lived in the UK (if you were born here of course) or one has held a UK passport. Which kind of shows up the following part of her article: "This isn’t about race, it’s about having a transparent system which people understand and which is fair", as the lie it is. Clearly it is about race, about fear of 'the other', as the only way a foreigner i.e. someone not born in the UK or at least not born to UK citizens, could 'earn' the right is to have paid sufficient NI contributions and taxes.

Also, would this be a graduated entitlement or an absolute entitlement with a threshold for contributions above which one would be entitled? Clearly either would favour those earning higher salaries or wages, reinforcing the Labour party's abandonment of the working class. They have systematically ignored their original support base in order to steal the Empress' New Clothes and now they have belatedly come to the realisation that the fascists have stolen their old clothes that they left out for the dustmen. And instead of trying to win their lost voters back back by showing just how insidious the BNP's racism is, they are trying to adopt the BNP's very own fashion sense (and platform).

A final thought: The Mail regularly states that the BNP and everything it stands for is an anathema to it, yet why do the 3 Hodge-related articles [1, 2, 3] on Thursday contain the same picture of Il Duce Griffin that is almost twice the size of Hodge's?

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