Thursday, 10 September 2009

Iconoclasts On Radio 4

Heartily recommended is the latest edition of Iconoclasts, where Philippe Legrain, a free-market economist and writer puts one of the best expositions of the No Borders position we've heard in a long time. And that from someone who has worked for the World Bank!

In the programme he takes on Andrew Green (Mr. Migrationwatch - has anyone ever come across somebody else who is in or works for Migrationwatch?), Labour MP Anne Cryer and some ex-immigration officer called Tony Saint. The irony of the programme is that the only one of the three 'challengers' is the ex-immigration officer.

The highlight of the programme though is when Legrain tells Green what we all have always thought, that he thinks he's a racist! Green threatens to set his lawyer on him unless he withdraws the 'accusation'. Pity, for a second there we thought someone had finally shot his fox (surely he must be pro-hunting as well).

Beware the programme is only available to listen to on-line till Wednesday 16th September.

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