Monday, 21 September 2009

Calais: Latest News III

No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity activists have been busy in and around the 'Jungles' and squats. Police are continuing to raid the camps but on Saturday night activists managed to prevent yet another CRS raid on the Ethiopian squat (the police seem to have a particular aversion to being photographed whilst brutalising migrants and this has become a useful tool for people monitoring the police's activities and trying to prevent arrests). The CRS were forced to leave without having detained anyone but those at the Etiopian camp were the very same ones that had been arrested the day before and released just that morning, which points up what activists have claimed all along - that the raids and arrests are harassment pure and simple.

In other news, at the request of the people in the main Pashtun 'Jungle' paint, brushes and sheets have been supplied by activists so that the migrants can make banners against the destruction of the 'Jungle', against deportations and in support of their human rights. They have also built a large fire which is acting as a beacon, drawing in supporters and the media to the camp.

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