Thursday, 22 July 2010

What About Tinsley House's Family Unit?

Despite Nick Clegg's gaffe yesterday when he claimed that the government would "close Yarl's Wood Detention Centre for good", later clarified by the Home Office as being only the family unit, everyone should welcome even that limited good news. However, the confusion goes further than just Calamity Clegg's faux pas.

We want to know when the Yarl's Wood family unit will close. What has happened to Damian 'the Omen' Green's review into the detention of children? Will the finding be published? What are the government going to do with the families and children that they would have locked up in these glorified internment camps? And what is going to happen to Tinsley House, the only other detention centre with a dedicated family unit not yet announced as being closed (after Dungavel and Yarl's Wood)?


According to the Home Office press release clarifying Clegg's statement, "We are currently working to find an alternative that protects the welfare of children, without undermining our immigration laws." So the review has not been finished, and nor does it seem as if an actual date for the closure of the family unit has been set.

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